New articles on the Roman empire

Just to let you know, I have just put up three new articles on the Roman empire. They are on the histories of the early Roman Empire, the Roman Empire in the Third Century, and the Later Roman Empire.

These are all part and parcel of my efforts to make our Timemap of World History into a thoroughly robust fit for the AP World History program (Period 2).

What I have tried to bring out in these articles is, how different the Roman empire was in the early and late periods, and what an amazing transformation took place in the third century (which is why that period has its own article). I know of no ancient empire – or medieval empire, come to that – which experienced such radical change over such a short period of time; moreover the scope of this change was so wide-reaching, affecting politics, religion, the army, society, the economy, art and architecture.

I hope these articles succeed to some extent in bringing out the transformative nature of the astonishing episode in world history that was the Roman empire.

By Peter Britton