The TimeMap of World History expands

Hello there

Have you’ve noticed the new information we’ve been adding to the TimeMap of World History?

In fact, we’ve brought the majority of the world up to 2005! This means that you can see a map of the world, region or a specific place (some big gaps at this level yet to plug) from the start of it’s existence all the way through to very recently. 

The benefits of being able to see this are really becoming clear: you can easily visualise patterns of development, compare and contextualise historical processes, track belief systems, political structures or economic rise and fall and much more. In fact, we’d love to know how else it can be used. Let us know here.

As well as this, we have begun adding the first of new civilization level of timemaps which which add more information about particular civlizations, empires or regions. Take a look at the Rise of the Roman Empire which gives a whole new set of maps to illustrate the key developments of this topic (of course, if yo uwant the complete picture you would have to purchase our Topic TimeMap of the subject). The maps are still a little buggy and we’ll keep on making improvements to them. Again, we’d love your feedback on these new maps, if you can find a moment. 

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This is an exciting time for us as we are close to having entered the vast majority of the contne and we can hone our content to making it as friendly to use and as useful as possible.