Timemaps and AP World History

We at Timemaps are in the process of introducing a feature which we’ve been planning on doing for a long time. This is to create a series of pages for teachers of the Advanced Placement (AP) World History program. For those who you who are not American teachers, this is a program for final year high school students to give them a credit or two when they go to college.

When we first started building the Timemap of World History, I had never heard of this program, and it was only when teachers from the US started to write to us about it, saying that it made a great supplementary resource for them, that I became aware of it. 

The fact that I am British made me think that I should not make a big thing of this, as I might not understand the full context in which US teachers operate. Nevertheless, thanks to some more urging from AP teachers, I have now taken the plunge and I am creating these pages. I know that quite a lot of you AP teachers use our website, so I hope you’re reading this blog post! I would really appreciate your comments.

I have studied the AP World History program carefully (and thought, “my goodness, it’s not short of ambition, is it!”);  and I am now creating a simple set of links to maps and articles in our Timemap of World History which are of direct relevance to the AP World History course. 

So far I have created links for the first two periods: 10000 to 600 BCE, and 600 BCE to 600 CE. 

One thing I am concerned about is that the AP programme uses the BCE/CE date labelling, whereas we (being British!) have used the BC/AD system. Given the fact that the Timemap of World History has over 2000 pages, it will be a major task to change this; however, if the feedback suggests that this is a big issue for AP teachers, we’ll have to take cognisance of that.

I have also itemising the benefits (as I see them) for using our Timemap with AP World History. Feedback on this would also be really appreciated; as would it be on some lesson ideas I’ve put up. It may be felt that someone who has never taught AP World History is being presumptuous in doing this, but what I do know, like the back of my hand, is the Timemap of World History, and so my lesson ideas are based on matching up this resource with my understanding of the AP guidelines.

Anyhow, please read the pages on Timemaps and AP World History which I have put up so far.

I do hope you like what you see, but if there are things which you think are just plain wrong – we need to know!

Peter Britton