Timemaps and the AP World History program

Regular users of the site will have noticed that not a lot of new articles or map pages have been appearing for a few months.

This is not because we have been sitting on our hands. We have in fact been working hard on resources to go into the new subscription area which we are developing.

This will intially be aimed at teachers of AP World History and their students. So far we have completed interactive maps (including comprehensive treaching notes) on topics up to and including the modern world – so it’s been a huge amount labour; and we believe that we now have sufficient resources to launch the service. 

However, we are now stuck on the technical side of things. This has, quite frankly, been a nightmare – especially as I had thought it would be quite straightforward. Without going into the boring details, it turns out we will have to rebuild the entire site, and then port all the maps and articles across to the new site. It is going to cost us well over £15,000.  

I am praying that it will all be ready by the Autumn – but the good Lord may have other ideas!

Anyhow, in the meantime we have turned our attention back to the free area of the site, so that this will better support AP World History for those teachers who don’t wish to subscribe. We have been working on articles relating to Period 1 of the AP World History course. The idea is that they will cover every key concept relating to that section of the course.

So far we have worked on the following articles:

The World of the Hunter-Gatherers

The Coming of Farming

The Origins of Civilization

The History of Ancient Mesopotamia

The History of Ancient Egypt

We have also added the following small articles:

What is civilization?

Early Pastoralists

In the near future we will be working on sections on the prehistory of the Indus Valley civilization and of Shang dynasty China.
So….back to work!
By Peter Britton