An update of our TimeMap of World History

One of the things that has been lacking in our TimeMap of World History so far has been a good description to go with each of the world maps. The regional and country maps all have their own descriptions, but not the world maps. And as these are the gateways to the other maps, at regional and country level, they have been an important missing piece in our content.

I am in the process of rectifying this, and over the summer have put in descriptions for all the maps up to AD 750. In other words, covering the rise and fall of ancient civilizations and moving into the early medieval period.

Please have a look at them. You’ll find them by going to the world maps (which are the first ones you come to, if you enter from the home page), and then scrolling down the screens.

The thing about them is that they give a round-up of what’s going on in the world at a particular date. So, to take the last one, the World in AD 750, Islam had burst onto the world as the Arabs have carried their new religion throughout the Middle East, North Africa, central Asia, north east India and as far west as Spain. The Tang dynasty emperors rule China at one of the high points of Chinese history. Europe is a disaster area. And in the Western Hemisphere the Mayan civilization is thriving.

If you want a global overview of what’s happening in world history, these are the pages to get it. And hopefully they’ll encourage you to home in to some of the regional and country pages as well.



By Peter Britton