Sources on Ancient Greece


The main sources I have used for the history of ancient Greece are:

Burn, A.R., The Pelican History of Ancient Greece, Pelican, 1971 – a very accessible history of Ancient Greece for the general reader.

Morkot, R., The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Greece, Penguin, 1996 – good maps with useful descriptive text. aimed at the general reader.

Frost, F.J., Greek Society, Houghton Mifflin, 1997, a useful survey of the society and economy of ancient Greece.

Tzorakis, G., Knossos: a New Guide to the Palace of Knossos, Hesperos, 2014, gives a wonderful insight into Minoan civilization.

Talbert, R.J.A. (ed.), Atlas of Classical History, Routledge, 1985; a detailed survey of the geography of Greek and Roman civilization; aimed at students rather than the general reader.

McEvedy, C., The New Penguin Atlas of Ancient History, Penguin, 2002, p. 36ff. Despite its title, this small book, with its lovely clear maps, only covers the ancient West.

Haywood, J., The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Civilizations, Penguin, 2005, p. 98ff. This book covers the rise of all major ancient civilizations, but only up to c. 500 BC (in the case of the Greeks). The text and the maps are excellent.

Grant, M. (ed.), Greece and Rome: the Birth of Western Civilization, Thames & Hudson, 1986: a lavishly illustrated book, with texts by some of the foremost classical scholars of the day.

Mosse, Claude, The Ancient World at Work, Chatto & Windus, 1969 – a scholarly look at the fundamentals of ancient Greek and Roman economics and society.

Burn, A.R. & Edwards, J.M.B., Greece and Rome, Scott, Foresman & Co., 1970: a short, succinct overview of Graeco-Roman history.

Connolly, P., The Ancient City: Life in Classical Athens and Rome, OUP, 1998: a beautifully illustrated look at everyday life in these two cities.

For an overview of the archaeology of ancient Greece, I found the following useful (and enjoyable due to its lavish illustrations): Renfrew, C. (ed.), Past Worlds: The Times Atlas of Archaeology, Times Books, 1995, p. 112-3, 140-1, 144-5, 160-5, 178-9.

A work on general archaeology aimed more at students, but readable and with very good coverage of ancient Greece, is Scarre, C. (ed.), The Human Past, Thames & Hudson, 2005, p. 472ff.

For an insightful look at government in ancient Greece, especially at how Athenian democracy worked, see Finer, S. E., The History of Government, I, Ancient Monarchies and Empires, OUP, 1999, p. 318ff.


An informative website on ancient Greece is the British Museum’s Ancient Greece

Wikipedia of course has a vast amount of information on Ancient Greece.

A website called Crystalinks has a very informative section on Ancient Greece.

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