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It's been a long time.....

March 4, 2017 Posted by Peter Britton It's been a long time.....

It was last November when I last put a post up on this blog. Why is this?

Well, we’re building a new website; and I was told back in November that any material I put up on our current website could not then be put across to the new website. In effect, it would be wasted.

At that time we were expecting the new website to be up and running by Christmas. As you can see, this has not happened. Although it was 99% complete by November last year, the other 1% has taken us 30% of the time to do! This is for a number of reasons - changing specifications in the light of test-user feedback, more complex payment gateways to ensure securer transactions, and family illness. 

So, currently the new website is running three months late - which, on past performance, isn’t actually that bad. We now expect it to go live at the end of this month. But all this time I’ve not put any material, of any description, up on our current website (but I’ve been preparing a huge amount of new material to go up on the new site when its ready).

Why are we building a new website?

For some time now we've known we had to rebuild the site, as the current one was getting less and less fit for purpose.

The main problem was that it was not easily usable on mobile devices. As more than half of all web searches are now conducted using such devices, we needed to do something about it. 

It turned out that this was not a quick fix - we had to rebuild the site from the ground up. So we took the opportunity to carry out a complete redesign. I will talk about these in my next post.

Peter Britton

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