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The historic roots of Ukraine's problems

February 22, 2014 Posted by Peter Britton The historic roots of Ukraine's problems

Do you want to understand what's going on in Ukraine?

A look at the maps of the region in our TimeMap of World History will immediately show the historic roots of the underlying issue. This is that the country is divided into two halves. Culturally, the people of the western half look towards Europe, while those in the eastern half look towards Russia. The capital, Kiev, lies right on the dividing line.

Look at this map, showing Russia and the ex-Russian regions in 2005. Find Ukraine (it's just above the Black Sea).

Now, using the date panel below the map, jump backward through history to 1960 - there is the region of Ukraine, a part of the Soviet Union. Jump backwards again, and it belongs to the Russian empire. Peddle back to 1789 - and now see what's happening? The parts to the west of Kiev do not belong to the Russian empire. And during the centuries preceding this date, western Ukraine is part of the world of central Europe, not Russia. You have to go back to the Middle Ages (1215 map) to find it part of the Russian world again.

What these maps show is that, for centuries in the later Middle Ages and early modern period, western Ukraine was part of Poland, or Austro-Hungary, or even the Ottoman empire, rather than Russia.

Why not browse through our maps of central and eastern Europe, this time going through history in the right direction: start here for central Europe and her for Eastern Europe. If you're interested in how the modern world came out of the morass of history, you'll find it fascinating.


By Peter Britton

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Truth says:

Thanks for pointing this out, though I would add if you go back to ancient times you will see Scythians, Sarmatians,
Agathyrs, Paeonnes populating the western Puszta=Steppe all the way to Korea (I am sure everyone remembers all that gold they found in Tuva around the northerneast end of Mongolia at the eastern end of the vast Scythian=Hun roaming grounds from the feature article with photos in National Geographic a few years ago. We also kow that Kiev was actually established by Magyar leader Álmos who was the father of Árpád the leader who reunited the Magyars descended from Sumer, historically known as the kings of the Scythians with the Hungarians wh had never left the Carpathian basin region in the first place. Since some of the settled were left behind during migratory periods, so the population of Kiev and indeed much of the Ukraine and Russia as well are actually descendants of Scythian and Sarmatian mixed with the Eastern Viking tribes that had been invited by the Magyar lords to serve in their courts with the men often being used as guards. They were chosen for this job not because the Magyars couldn't or wouldn't do the job, but because this was a safeguard against political secrets escaping to the public at large. It is no coincidence that Atilla the Hun is still studied by West Point as well as by just about every other elite military school in the world. By the way, only since the Habsburg coverup of the true history of Hungary is the falsehood of the Finno-Ugrian language family aspect of Hungarian language history taught in colleges. Hungarians were always Scythians or Huns, and since Hungarian runes have been found now all over the world the evidence is coming out once again as to how conquering people decimate the histories of the conquered as the Romans pretty much did the same to us only a little earlier than what you mention in another article, what the Normans did to the English. In fact under the direction of the Roman Catholic Church not only was all ancient runic writing to be burned (luckily some clever locals, mostly in Transylvania saved some script hidden into church carvings and the like, in fact even Atilla's helmet which has been found has such an inscription in Hungarian for any of those still fooled by the Habsburg propaganda machine), but anyone caught practicing the ancient Scythian Christianity (basically Manicheist) was to be put to death as well. This was in fact how the "thousand" year old version of Hungary was born. "Thousand" in quotation marks of course on purpose, because as we know Hungary has been where it is at least since Paleolithic times, only under various names. Even if more and more archeological evidence as well as DNA wouldn't now be proving this which they are, the local place names would. Going back to the Ukraine, the people there are in the same boat they are in in Poland, where the majority of people are only now beginning to realize their ancestors were not Slavs=slave from sklavus in latin, they were Kun Pol(ov)ec, same as Paloc=Pers(ian)=Phillis(tine)=Pales(tinian a people who originate in Europe and later migrated south contrary to the Out of Africa theory the powers that be would have everyone believe, due to their heavily invested in Egyptology interests, and their fear of historical truths coming out which if they did would as they know force them to realign politically as well as cause a bunch of their well positionioned establishment professor offspring to either get replaced by those who they've heretofore despised or at least denigrated as "alternative" historians or cause them to have to go back to school to save their careers. And as creatures of habit and comfort they chose to continue their ostrich politics as usual, for now...But the evidence will pile, and eventually they will have to pull those heads out.

on Wednesday 26 February 2014


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