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TimeMaps iPad apps are interactive, animated maps, full of images to provide a visual way of exploring where events happened and in what order. Information points allow you to delve into details on key individuals and events, evolving trends in society, economy and culture, long-term consequences, and more.

Content is perfect for students grades 6 through 10 studying world history, with activities for all abilities. 


The Rise of the Roman Empire 
The Fall of the Roman Empire  

the rise of the roman history app for ipad

How did the Romans build such a large and enduring empire? This app looks at the expansion of Roman power, with its life-and-death conflicts, bitter power-struggles and ambitious personalities, and examines the causes of its success.

It gives a "Big Picture" overview of the rise of the Roman empire, while examining developments in Roman government, society and economy.

the black death for ipad 

Why did Rome fall? This title looks at the decline and fall of the western Roman Empire, taking in the sack of the imperial city, the Hun invasion, and the rise of "barbarian" kingdoms in the western provinces.

It gives a "Big Picture" overview of the fall of the Roman empire, while examining the transformation from Classical Greek and Roman world into Feudal world of Medieval Christendom.

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 The Rise of Islam
 The Black Death 

 rose of islam om ipad

Unlike any other major faith in the world today, Islam began its expansion as a political and military movement which created one of the largest empires ever seen. The rise of this empire shaped world history in a quite unique way.

It shows how far and how fast the early Muslim conquests spread, and what impact they had on the regions concerned.

the black death for ipad


The Black Death was the worst catastrophe to hit mankind in recorded history. It killed a third to a half of the populations in all the lands it reached.

It shows the vast spread of the disease, and the dramatic impact it had on widely separate regions of the world.

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 Columbus and The Age European Explorers 
 The History of the Atlantic Slave Trade 

 rose of islam om ipad

Christopher Columbus did not just sail out one fine day into the Atlantic and discover a new continent. His voyages were part of a much bigger episode, which changed the world for ever.

It shows how these voyages so vastly increased Europeans' knowledge of the world, and laid the foundations for centuries of Western domination.

 rose of islam om ipad

The Atlantic Slave Trade changed the world. It transformed human societies on three great continents - Africa, the Americas and Europe - and its knock-on affects would be felt even further afield.

It show the origins and huge growth of the trade; how it worked, both for Europeans and Africans; and how it shaped world history.

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Pocket TimeMaps

Based on the maps already contained within the TimeMap of World History, wrapped up into a new interface for ease and quick access, Pocket TimeMaps are the perfect way to get a quick history fix. Our current titles contain 20 maps at various points in history, from the ancient to modern times. Also included are overviews of the ancient civilizations that occupied the land and essays to give a deeper understanding of the life and processes of change in these times. 

The History of Iraq
 The History of Egypt

 the history of iraq

Since being home to the world's first civilization, this area of land has told a fascinating story. 

This Pocket TimeMap uses 20 maps, essays and civilization overviews to provide a narrative of Iraq from the ancient times up to the modern day. 

 history of egypt ipad app

The remarkable story of a nation that has captured the imagination since the beginnings of civilzation. 

This App uses 20 maps from 20 dates, essays and civilization overviews across 5,500 years to put the current affairs of Egypt in a historical context.

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